Quality Control and Quality Assurance

At Laboratório Edol we have several quality control systems to guarantee the same to our clients. Below you can get to know which ones..

Quality System

The quality system consists of a set of steps that aim to verify and ensure that all products, processes, procedures, and services are within quality standards, thus ensuring their excellence.
The Quality Control Department and Quality Assurance are equipped with qualified teams, equipment and infrastructure and comply with the legislation applicable to the sector. The adequate training and updating of the work teams is an objective that is always present in the internal management, as well as the constant focus on continuous improvement.
Quality Control is responsible for the analysis of raw materials and packaging material; ensures quality at all stages of the production process; develops and validates physicochemical and microbiological methods and conducts stability studies according to the applicable standards.
Quality Assurance plays a key role in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices. Among the various activities carried out are: management of validation processes, control of deviations and changes, internal and external audits, qualification of suppliers and verification of the legislation applicable to the sector.
The Quality Control and Quality Assurance Department rigorously confirms the quality of all processes and products, ensuring the maximum effectiveness and safety of our products, thus guaranteeing the satisfaction and trust of our customers.

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