Edol in the World

In 2005, Laboratório EDOL endorsed in the process of internationalization of its products, venturing in the exportation market.
Currently, Laboratório EDOL exports to over 40 countries, and has production capacity and know-how to manufacture for third parties.
As of today, we are aware of our contribution to the health of thousands of people, not only in Portugal, but all over the world.

EDOL in Mozambique

As a part of the internationalization process, Laboratório EDOL created its affiliate in Mozambique – Famacêutica AUSTRAL, that since its debut in 2016 has been dedicated to the import and distributions of medicines, medical devices, food supplements and other health products throughout the Mozambican territory.
Famacêutica AUSTRAL, besides representing the entire EDOL portfolio in Mozambique, also represents other multinational pharmaceutical companies, currently offering more than 200 products in its portfolio.
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