Laboratório Edol – Produtos Farmacêuticos, S.A., is a Portuguese pharmaceutical company specialized in the development, manufacturing and marketing of medicine, medical devices, cosmetic, body care products and food supplements in the areas of Ophthalmology, Dermatology, Dermocosmetics and ENT.

With 70 years of experience, Laboratório Edol stands out for its continuous innovation and development, having successfully developed several new innovative products that are on the market along the years.

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Company of Wholesale Distribution Services for pharmaceutical products, based at Matola, Mozambique.

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Focused on Regulatory activities such as registration of medicines, notification for medical devices, cosmetic products and food supplements. GIDE S.A. Staff also develops, submits and manages regulatory processes, being therefore, responsible for following the product life cycle in terms of regulatory compliance and acknowledge of the local legislation applicable. GIDE S.A. Staff develops regulatory strategies, maintains regular contact with the Competent Authorities and other local Health Authorities and they are also responsible for all the Pharmacovigilance and Vigilance Activities.

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